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CIA museum: Inside the world's most top secret museum

It is the perhaps the most unusual - and exclusive - museum in the world, filled with artefacts that have shaped history. But its doors are firmly shut to the public.

It is the only place a visitor can see the gun found with Osama bin Laden when he was killed, next to Saddam Hussein's leather jacket.

Welcome to the CIA's secret in-house museum.

Located inside the US intelligence agency's headquarters in Langley, Virginia, the collection has just been renovated to mark the agency's 75th anniversary. A small group of journalists, including the BBC, were given exclusive access, although with a security escort constantly at our side.

Among the 600 artefacts on display are the kinds of cold war spy gadgets you might expect - a 'dead drop rat' in which messages could be hidden, a covert camera inside a cigarette packet, a pigeon with its own spy-camera and even an exploding martini glass.

But there are also details on some of the CIA's more famous and even recent operations.

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