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Meet Mishel Bineth Dagan: The daughter of the Mossad agent Meir Max Bineth

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Mishel & her mother joined Meir in Cairo during the last seven or eight months of his service there.

Bineth’s last duty and mission was as an Israeli intelligence spy in Egypt, from April 1952 to the end of 1954. He was sent there undercover as a German businessman, representing various German firms – primarily, Von–Laufenberg, a firm manufacturing artificial limbs for the wounded and crippled. Among other export firms he represented (as a consultant engineer), was the German branch of Ford – The "Anglo–Egyptian Motors Company".

In her lecture, Mishel will talk about her father, and the unfamiliar story of one of the Mossad's greatest agents of all time!

Read more about Mishel Bineth Dagan

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