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Terror and acute psycho-trauma unfortunately is becoming more commonplace in our lives.

In his book, Mind Over Terror - 3 Weeks 2 Cities 1 Mission, Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman was referred to by Mavis Tsai, a clinical psychologist and senior research scientist at University of Washington’s Center for Science of Social Connection, as "a brilliant renaissance man with a wealth of training and experience in several disciplines... with his wisdom on topics ranging from religion terrorism and the military to empowerment and personal development...." 

Professor Yori Gidron, Chair of Psycho-oncology, University of Lille, France, referred to him as " a deep and compassionate human soul (a rabbi and clinical social worker) with immense pragmatism, energy, coherent direction and a sense of justice."

His cutting-edge 6 pronged approach to cognitive psychological first aid teaches us how to quickly and effectively bring those affected by psychological shock from helplessness to effective functioning.

Dov merited a private audience with HRH Prince William in recognition for the contribution of his organisation with their psycho-trauma work in the UK after a series of terror attacks and man-made disasters.

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