What does one do when everything goes wrong? And what is the connection between Khaled Mashal and Netflix?

Participants in Dana's lecture will be exposed to the META model, a uniquely practical device that has been applied countless times in complex situations on the ground during the course of service in the Prime Minister's office, constituting an integral and critical part of decision-making in intricate defence operations. Participants will understand the cognitive difficulties that prevent one from making changes where necessary, while receiving tools for effective decision-making in real time when changes occur in the original planning data. The model places the focus on the realm of decision-making, enabling critical judgments to be made speedily, and reducing the margin of error. The choices thus made will be "good enough" under all given conditions.

How does one plan an operation? Just like one plans a business move in an organization!

As one with expertise gained in risk management in the defence establishment, Dana is knowledgeable in developing and overseeing processes involving sound organization. Participants in the lecture will receive a unique model allowing in-depth analysis of every possible situation (business, operational, etc.). They will experiment with cognitive tools and planning of operations ahead of time, providing them with a valuable preview of possible threats or errors, thereby lowering the probability of "hidden zones".

Root Cause Analysis as a means of learning and improvement

Most organizations do not appreciate the amount of time wasted in coping with recurring problems. In order to remain relevant in today's reality, organizational performance – or rather, personnel performance in organizations – must be constantly improved. Based on Dana's experience in the defence establishment, lurking at the root of every technological failure or inability to meet goals, is usually flawed human understanding, waiting patiently to be detected. The secret is to know the right questions to ask. Participants will be exposed to unique techniques based on operational investigation processes, allowing personal, group and organizational learning.

Dana Aran

Former Manager in Israel's defence establishment, A Risk Management Specialist

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English, Hebrew

Dana worked for more than 20 years as a manager in the field and headquarter in Israel's defence establishment. She is an experienced results-oriented management expert, specializing in the control of complex operations under conditions of uncertainty in dynamic high-risk and threatening environments.
Dana has been a professional lawyer since 1997. With an MBA degree in Business Administration (cum laude) and extensive experience in L&D.
Dana has also gained expertise in organizational development for managers in the field of risk management. She lectures and serves as moderator in workshops geared to risk management, threat evaluation and investigation, issues that serve as tools for personal and organizational learning and growth.

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