PRISONER 913: The Release of Nelson Mandela

This book brings to life the untold story behind the release of Nelson Mandela, as revealed in previously top-secret records. Kobie Coetsee, Minister of Justice at the time, kept an archive on ‘Prisoner 913’, on which the authors – a historian and a journalist – draw to retell the story. This is history as it actually happened, as opposed to how it has been portrayed up to now, even in writings by Mandela himself. Prisoner 913 sets right the historical record.

Dr. Jan-Ad Stemmet


South Africa

English, Afrikaans

My Latest book (2020): PRISONER 913: The Release of Nelson Mandela
Expertise: South African history, of the 1980’s, with special reference to – state security, military intelligence, police, national intelligence systems, media and political censorship, martial law and civil rights, urban terrorism, (urban) counter revolutionary strategies, ‘rouge’ security instillations, total war, urban military strategy, riot control, sanctions and diplomacy, banking as diplomacy, the military-industrial complex as politics, autocracy, ‘peaceful revolution,’ underground diplomacy, national security management systems.

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