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Moderator for SpyLegends events

Moderator: Breaking the language barrier to build a bridge of understanding.

'A Goy in the Land'

My experience living in this God-blessed, Jewish Labored Land!

Michael Ganoe

PR Specialist & Moderator for Spy Legends Agency

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A native of West Virginia (United States) Michael earned a degree in Theological studies and education. He spent extensive time as an educator in Venezuela, Haiti, and Romania. He served prominent organizations as The Salvation Army, Faith & Freedom Coalition, and Media Research Center in business development & P.R.
Michael has 12 years' experience working in and out of Washington D.C. on several national political campaigns as a high-level advisor. Since 2012 Michael is a freelance journalist in Israel-Europe. He runs a PR. campaign supporting Israeli soldiers.
From 2014 an actor/model in commercials, TV, and movies.

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