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Power of choice

Aloni's lecture regarding the power of choice is extremely powerful. Surpassing obstacles, crisis and showing the audience different ways to overcome challenges.

Operation 'Brown & Blue'

IDF raid during the night between 8-9th December 1988.
10 KM south of Beirut, the raid was intended to hurt Ahmad Jibril the founder and commander of the PFLP-GP.

Ofer Aloni


Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Aloni gave up a sports career for the pilot course at the IDF. After a long training, he was tasked as a Cobra Helicopter pilot.
During his military years, Aloni took part in various operations including "Blue and Brown".
After an honorable discharge, he was accepted as a pilot at El-Al, acted as chief of the 777 fleets, and was awarded by the CEO for his accomplishments.
Aside from his aviation career, Aloni is a master in NLP and at his clinic helps clients overcome different anxieties and types of inefficient behavior.

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