“Two hands on the steering wheel”

From a young paratrooper who lost his hand – to a complete person, full of motivation, who does not let his physical limitations stop him. I became a businessman, entrepreneur and inventor. I have a wonderful wife, am a father and grandfather to incredible children and grandchildren. Come hear how to turn lemons into lemonade, and if you like, even into limoncello…

Sports with two legs and one hand – everything is possible

I started off-road biking, from there I turned to SUP surfing and kayaking. I compensated for the loss of my hand by developing a variety of creative gadgets which allow me and others to fulfill our dreams. I promise you a most inspirational – and humorous – story. A journey that will make you leave with a smile on your face and insights on how to reinvent yourself.

“To surpass the wall and to conquer the summit”

A lecture on motivation and innovation. How we get over any obstacles, physical or mental, climb over that wall, while using innovative thought, and with the knowledge and information that we collect from our environment, develop non-conventional ways and solutions to reach our goals. How we turn into innovators. How we identify a niche or an opportunity. What pushes us.

Ofer Eden

From losing a hand in a war to becoming an athlete, businessman and entrepreneur

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English, Hebrew

Entrepreneur who redefined himself. As a 19-year-old paratrooper in an elite unit during the Yom Kippur War, he found himself without hands. “his right hand was amputated, while the other crushed" . From an outstanding tennis player to a confused cripple.
Ofer decided to challenge his new life and grow from there. Endless motivation and efforts turned him to be a successful person. In his words, the injury, leading him to peaks that he wouldn’t have reached without it. Over the years, Ofer became a businessman and entrepreneur of leading brands of food packaging, solutions for keeping, refrigeration chain of medicines, and delicate foods in transit.

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