Political situation in Israel - a comparative observation

Netanyahu & Shimon Peres dream of the “new middle east” - opportunity or opportunism?

Political attacks on Journalists in Israel. Or- how did I find myself surrounded by body guards and afraid for my life

Oshrat Kotler

Journalist & writer


English, Hebrew

Ex Senior anchor person & editor for channel 12 & channel 13 news Israel. Was the anchor person who released the video coverage of PM Rabin’s assassination ( along with Yakov Eylon) and the first journalist to interview Hamas leader Ahmad Yassin in Gaza strip. Over the years had interviewed almost every influential political leader in the middle east, Europe and the USA . Among them president Mubarak of Egypt Prince Hassan of Jordan, Yasser Arafat, Palestinian authority, President Bill Clinton & Hilary Clinton, President Jacques Chirac of France & PM Lionel Jospin, President Gorbachov of Russia. And of course all the relevant political leaders in Israel in the last 30 years. From late PM Rabin& Peres to Netanyahu.
30 years experience in electronic journalism & investigative journalism.

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