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The story of the aliyah activists.

The Farhud

The Farhud as a founding event In the life history of Iraqi immigrants.

Iraqi Jewry a thousand years ago

Rinat Legel

Iraqi Jewry Researcher


English, Hebrew

Rinat Legel (Hayou), PHD Student in Israel Studies At Ben Gurion University.
I research the history of Immigrants and transit camps. a blogger on this issue As a daughter of Iraqi immigrants from the town 'Hanakin', a Dutch immigrant's wife and three sons's mom, I decided , like Alice in Wonderland to dive into the memories of my ancestors legacy , Iraq of the golden days with her glorious and ancient community The therapeutic journey to the past as a first generation Israeli , gradually loosens the knots that were created by the immigration and integration crisis, and sheds new light on raising the alpha generation.

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