Bond, James bond

How a fictional spy became the greatest hero of cinema? What makes the bond character so unique? In addition, how did the personality of Ian Fleming the creator of Bond had contributed to the success of 007?

The Mossad in films

It seems that in the 21st-century movies about the Israeli Mossad have become very popular in cinema. Why is that? Is there a difference between Hollywood and Israeli films made about the Mossad? Has the representation of the Mossad agent changed throughout the years on the big screen?

Holocaust and anti-Semitism in cinema over the years

A unique lecture that presents how the Holocaust and anti-Semitism have been portrayed in movies over the years. The presentation is accompanied by film clips, and is a different and creative way to talk about these topics.

Ron Fogel

Film critic

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Ron Fogel is a senior film critic on Israeli radio and TV for the past 15 years. Ron has served
in air force intelligence in the Israeli army and graduated from Tel Aviv University with a
degree in political science and a degree in law studies.
Ron Fogel is considered one of the most popular lecturers in Israel in the field of cinema. He
has been teaching at Haifa University and other academic establishments.
Ron is a member of some of the leading film festivals in the world such as the Tallinn film festival
in Estonia, and the Busan film festival in South Korea.
Ron specialty is espionage films-especially films about the Mossad and the Bond films.

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