The connection between memory and photography – documentary journey following the unknown Holocaust in the territories of the former Soviet Union

For 5 years I was a partner in a long and special cinematic journey with film director Boris Maftsir, a journey following the lost memory of the Holocaust of the former Soviet Union - Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Crimea, and Russia. The connection between memory and photography is always interesting and thought-provoking. All filming of the testimonies and past events were taken at the locations of the murders and in those seasons, to allow us - if only imaginatively - to touch the black hole of the unknown Holocaust, who has been hidden by the Soviet regime for decades.
The power of testimony in photography through the body and direct view expresses the human soul, which imprisons within it its memories and fears.
Proceeds from the lecture are dedicated to commemorating the victims of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union

Styles in Documentary Cinema

For almost forty years I have been shooting documentaries in Israel and around the world in various styles adapted to different topics: Direct, realistic approach - external observation of reality without interrupting what is happening. Subjective approach - the camera as a hero, telling personal story. Poetic approach - the thin line between documentary and fiction, photography whose language is poetic and lyrical. The lectures combine examples from Israeli and foreign documentaries and express a wide range of styles

Ron Katzenelson

Cinematographer & Laecturer

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

The movies and TV series that Ron filmed are broadcast on many television channels, attend festivals in Israel and around the world, won numerous awards. Among the films and series that he filmed: "Lebanon – Borders of Blood”- doc series (KAN 11/ARTE/ADR), "Searching for the Unknown Holocaust” - doc series (HOT8/Channel 9), “Inside the Mossad”- doc series (HOT8/ARTE/Netflix), “The Mystery of the Black Book” (KAN11), "There are no Lions in Tel Aviv" (KAN 11). Lecturer in film and television cinematography at Tel Aviv University and Sapir College.

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