The Betrayals in The Espionage World

What brings a person to betray all that he cares for: his homeland, organization, his close friends and family, even himself.
How can a real patriot find himself cooperating with a hostile intelligence service…?
We will bring stories and examples, accompanied by clear explanations, some surprising and not what you thought…
We will see whether and how this could happen to any of us…

International Intelligence: The Secret Special Cooperation

A complex and fascinating world of cooperation around the world in the field of operational-intelligence-security. A glimpse into the mystery and characteristics of the unique and unusual joint-secret-operations.
A look into the special relationships between foreign intelligence services, and how these secret paths achieve results that regular diplomacy will never reach.
The contribution of Israel's intelligence services to the world's security, and how in return, it contributes back to Israel's security.

Women power in the secret world

Capabilities and uniqueness of women in the operational world of intelligence.
From training to complex far away from operations. The difficulties and special advantages of women in the operational tasks abroad: in danger, alone, uncertainty, tense situations, and hostile environment.
We will describe the characteristics of life in which exceptional successes combine with failures, the glory alongside the personal price...

Saar Kadmon

The secret world of Espionage

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English, Italian, Hebrew

Born in a Kibbutz in Israel, 1962.
Recently completed 28 years of fascinating state-service, in a variety of unique positions in Israel and abroad.
Presents a world that is conducted in the shadows, in all its surprising complexity and detail, in an honest, intimate way.
Portrays this unique life with its own rules, dangers, and challenges, and yet, at the same time, exciting, intriguing, and empowering.
The lectures integrate a variety of examples and stories. Saar combines a serious approach, insights, and values, with humor and sensitivity, taking the audience on a very special, vivid, and fascinating journey.

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