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Missiles – from the battlefield to outer space

The lecture opens the door to the world of missiles – the of World War II era V-2 missiles, through the space race and landing on the moon, to current future space projects that are under development. The lecture will also deal with the technological and economic aspects missiles, including challenges to missile defense systems worldwide.

Iran's missile and space projects

Iran's experience with ballistic missiles is traced to the late 1980's. Since that time, it became a major player in the field of missiles – which pose a regional and global threat. We will trace Iran's capabilities, technologies, and operational use of missiles, as well as the vast internati0nal web of suppliers to cope with international restrictions and sanctions, in order to maintain the clandestine program.

Eye in the Sky - spy planes, reconnaissance satellites and remote sensing

The lecture will present the development of visual intelligence - from unique reconnaissance planes to spy satellites from a variety of countries. We will follow the evolution of spy satellites (including Israel's space intelligence capabilities). We will also find out what happened when an American photography satellite accidentally drops the film in the destination country, or a capsule return from space and plunged into the ocean at the height of the cold war.

Tal Inbar

Former head of Space & UAV research center

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English, Hebrew

Tal Inbar, former head of Space & UAV research center at the Fisher Institute for air and space strategic studies, is an independent researcher and consultant. He is frequent speaker on many international conferences on space, missile threats and security. For many years he conducts thorough research and analysis of missile systems, especially those of Iran and north Korea. Inbar is a consultant to various aerospace companies in Israel, Israel space agency and other enterprises internationally. He studied political science and security studies at Tel Aviv university. He covers space policy, technology and future trends in aerospace and missiles.

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