"Nakam" – The Jewish Avengers

1945, end of WWII, an organized group of the Jewish Brigade founded the "Nakam", it is estimated that this group executed about 1,500 Nazis, seeking revenge.

"Making the Impossible, Possible"

Provocative show\lecture about creative thinking and square thinking. Yarin uses witty magic to create an unforgettable experience, which poses an intellectual challenge with entertaining demonstrations.

Yarin Kimor

TV Documentary director, creative thinking expert , and Author

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English, Hebrew

Kimor served in 'Golani' - IDf combat unit on the front line during Yom Kippur war. Kimor is a graduate of the Hebrew University and a recipient of a scholarship to The WPI (World Press Institute). Kimor served as an Editor and Director on Israel Channel 1 TV.
His documentary films have been distributed worldwide. He was the main editor and presenter of the investigative program Mabat Sheni and was the first to reveal the facts behind the Munich massacre of the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics and the undercover war that the Mossad waged against the perpetrators, Black September.

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