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Operation Entebbe- from the black Mercedes to the storming of the terminal and release of the hostages

The war on terror: The attack at the Savoy hotel

Alex Davidi

Operation Entebbe

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English, Hebrew

Davidi was recruited to Sayeret Matkal [the equivalent of the U.S Army's Delta Force] in 1973 and fought in the Yom Kippur War, participating in the battle to conquer the Mt.Hermon summit in the spring of 1974. Davidi, a trained sniper, was one of the IDF responders to the terror attacks in Ma'a lot and the Savoy Hotel, which involved hostage situations. One month before his release from IDF, as a senior Sayeret Matkal combatant, Davidi participate in Operation Entebbe. He was a member of the team that drove to the passenger terminal in the legendary black Mercedes and stormed the building. Following his release from the IDF, Davidi worked as an air marshal for the EL AL airline.

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