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'The Wedding'

The Jewish Wedding is a unique story with an international profile. 70 years have passed since their
wedding took place in the former synagogue of Leeuwarden, The Netherlands when the three children
of Mimi and Barend Boers find an 8mm film, shot on their wedding day, 18 April 1939 packed away in a
suitcase. The couple survived WWII by a whisker following a nerve-wracking escape lasting seven
months, unlike most of the relatives, who were killed in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Sobibor and
can be seen in the wedding film alive and well. Too traumatic, too confrontational for Barend and Mimi.
As well as images of their wedding, they kept numerous documents, letters, and photos from a shrouded
past. The suitcase, full of war secrets is locked up and will remain so if Mimi and Barend have their way.
This is how they lug their unbearable past along with them. Until they have both passed away; it’s only
then that their children open the mysterious case. Springing from that case a never told and unique
family chronicle unfolds across the borders of wartime Europe.

Jewish Aspects in the French Chanson

“Jewish Aspects in the French Chanson" is a musical experience telling the stories of the most famous
French chansonniers, composers and text writers and the Jewish elements therein: Georges Moustaki
and Enrico Massias; Joseph Kosma, who wrote the text for “Les Feuilles Mortes”, Norbert Glanzman and
the songs he wrote for Edith Piaf, who saved his life during WWII. The audio-visual presentation is
completed with a song of hope for the future wherein Israelis and Arabs live peacefully together.

The biblical book of Exodus: Opera and film music

The story of Moses and his fight against the Egyptians to end slavery and grant freedom to the Jews and
return to their fatherland has influenced independence movements throughout world history.
Händel”s “Israel in Egypt” Rossini’s “Moise et Pharaon” and the opera “La juive” by Halevy reflect not
only on the history of the Exodus from Egypt but also on historical contemporary events. The animated
film “The Prince of Egypt" and its song of hope for all people (“when you believe”) as well as the Gospel
songs and Spirituals of the Afro-Americans all, find their roots in the story of the fight of the biblical Jews
to put an end to slavery.

André L. Boers

My parents' escape during WWII and their survival

Location Mark



English, Dutch, France, Hebrew

André Boers is owner and chairman of an Israeli holding company and was formerly Executive Vice President Sales-and Marketing of one of Israel’s leading high-tech companies. He is chairman of numerous Boards of Directors in Israel.
He lectures frequently on Jewish Aspects in the history of opera, classical-and film music. He also
presents the unique story of his parent's escape during WWII and their survival.

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