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Intelligence and Decision Making at Crisis situation

What is a crisis situation, the role of the intelligence officers when briefing the senior decision makers, the methodology of the decision- making process at the time of crisis.

Intelligence and Decision – Making on Counter - Terrorism

What is counter- terrorism, the role of the intelligence officers on counter – terrorism, how do the decision- makers act at various scenarios- when people are abducted and held by terrorists, the decision to launch a reprisal operation, etc.

Coping with Nuclear programs at Arab states in the Middle East

What is a nuclear program with the aim to produce an atomic device, how Does the intelligence entities act to expose these programs, how do the decision – makers act when the threat becomes real and concrete.

Brigadier – General (res.) Dr. Amnon Sofrin

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English, Hebrew

Served at I.D.F in the years 1973-2003mostly at the Intelligence Corps, assignments at the military intelligence Production & Analysis division and as an intelligence officer on fighting units. Amnon served as an intelligence officer during the first "Intifada" and as the intelligence officer of the Central Territorial Command when peace accords were signed and implemented with Jordan and the Palestinians.
Amnon established the Combat Intelligence Corps and commanded it for 3.5 years. Then he was assigned as the Director of the Intelligence Directorate of Israel's Secret Service for five years.
Amnon gained his PhD Thesis at the Hebrew university, and is lecturing at the Hebrew university and at Reichman university.

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