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Eternal Israel will not lie, the story of a gun

The path of a gun that belonged to an S.S Nazi officer, through a terrorist in Black September to Yad Vashem.

Faith - a significant moment in the Yom Kippur War

About the power of prayer to strengthen and encourage in times of crisis.

Fulfill dreams and TIKUN OLAM

During the Yom Kippur War I was in a state of "clinical death", what I learned, how my life changed.

Doron B. Levinson, PhD.

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English, Hebrew

Born in 1951, married +3. Doron served in the Armored Corps as an officer, wounded 3 times and cited twice for his conduct in the battlefield. He led an operation in Lebanon in 1972, injured twice but continued to lead despite his injuries. He was seriously wounded (3rd time) during Yom Kippur War and was promoted to Captain for his conduct.
After a long period of rehabilitation, he studied law at TAU and graduated, Cum Laude.
Doron volunteer in many TIKUN OLAM activities and receive multiple awards for this.
Despite his injuries, Doron served for 32 years in the reserved forces.

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