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Yes they can: The Abraham Accords and future relations between Israel and the Muslim world

What is causing Islamic countries to sign agreements with Jerusalem? What does Israel get in return? Will these moves improve the chances of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement? In this talk we will learn about the potential new roadmap to peace.

Pax Israeliana: How has Israel become a force that promotes world peace?

When, how and why did Israel become an asset among the nations? In this talk we will learn how the State of Israel is increasingly becoming a global asset that is strengthening the diplomatic, security, economic and cultural cooperation amongst nations.

The Chinese Dream, Sino-American relations and the coronavirus era

How has the coronavirus virus impacted US-China relations? Is the trade war turning into an information war? How should countries, including Israel, prepare? In this talk we will learn about the past crises that took place between Beijing and Washington and about the potential challenges that may exist in the wake of the virus.

Dr. Yonatan Freeman

International relations and media expert

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Dr. Yonatan Freeman is an international relations and media expert, lectures in academia in diverse areas related to Israel’s relations with the world, government and politics, national security, and civil-military relations. He has a wide range of international and media experiences which include living in foreign countries, interning at diplomatic missions abroad, working with foreign delegations and the national and foreign media, managing new media platforms, and Israel advocacy.

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