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Live or Die in Entebbe - Myth and Memory

"Live or Die in Entebbe" is a moving documentary about the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight and Israel's military rescue raid, as told by the nephew of one of the hostages who did not survive. The film chronicles the events that unfolded, day-by-day, and uncovers some little-known and shocking backstories while shedding light on the passengers who did not survive the crisis. A sensitive and riveting look at those for whom Israel's most heroic moment was their family's biggest tragedy. Through scenes from the film, we explore memory, identity, and myth in Israeli society.

Classmates of Anne Frank - The Jew in Dutch cinema

To comprehend fully the events in the life of Anne Frank, one must listen to the voices of the children who were with her and remember her. "Classmates of Anne Frank" is an inspiring documentary about former classmates of Anne Frank and how they responded to the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Their story is not only illustrated through interviews and discussions but also through personal scrapbooks and new archive footage. Through scenes from the film, we take a bold and illuminating look at different Dutch attitudes towards the Holocaust and the image of the Jew in Dutch cinema.

The Image of the "Sabra" in film

A Sabra (Tzabar) is any Jew born in Israel. The term originates in the 1930s and alludes to a tenacious, thorny desert plant with a thick skin that conceals a sweet, soft interior. Through scenes from films like "This is the Land" (1935). "Hill 24 Doesn't Answer" (1955), "They Were 10" (1960), "He Walked through the Fields" (1967), "Operation Thunderbolt" (1977) and Israeli films from the 21st Century, we explore the evolution of the Israeli Jew who is supposedly tough on the outside but delicate on the inside.

Eyal Boers, PhD

Film director

Location Mark



English, Dutch, Hebrew

Eyal Boers is a professional filmmaker, researcher, and lecturer. Eyal has a BA in Philosophy and Political Science, MFA and MA in Film Studies and has recently finished his Ph.D. at Tel-Aviv University. Eyal is head of film and Television Track at Ariel University's School of Communication and chairman of the Israel Film Council. Eyal has produced and directed the documentaries "Classmates of Anne Frank" and "Live or Die in Entebbe", which have been screened in numerous international film festivals. Eyal is fluent in Hebrew, English, and Dutch and is interviewed regularly in the press.

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