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Russia-Gate: How the Obama Administration Tried to Destroy Trump

Long before Trump surprised the world and won the election, the Obama administration pegged him as potential danger to the Obama legacy. It therefore created a fake investigation designed to smear and paralyze the emerging republican candidate, and use a counter-intelligence probe to infiltrate and attempt to destroy his campaign. It is no coincidence that Michael Flynn became a prime target of these efforts: the dirty game Obama's intelligence has been playing dates back to its effort to destroy anyone who stood in their way to the Iran Nuclear agreement.

Zionism and Democracy

In recent years the legitimacy of the very idea of a Jewish democratic state is questioned. Can a state be both Jewish and democratic? In the view of some the concept is inherently discriminatory. Others believe that the Jewish character of the state is a product of its democracy, and can only be eliminated if the right to vote is revoked. The lecture will explain what it means for a state to be both Jewish and democratic.

BDS – How the Language of Human Rights Became a Vehicle for the New Antisemitism

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement is often sold to Western and Arab audiences as a peaceful grassroot organization which aims to put pressure on Israel in order to force it to end the occupation in the West Bank. This is far from the truth: the BDS movement is an antisemitic campaign the aim of which is not Palestinian independence but the destruction of Israel the elimination of the right of Jews to self-determination. The language of rights – and especially the so called "Right of Return" – has been perverted to mean that Palestinians have a "right" to destroy the Zionist project.

Gadi Taub, Ph.D

Historian, author, screenwriter, and journalist

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English, Hebrew

Born in Jerusalem in 1965, Taub completed his Ph.D. in American History at Rutgers University.
He teaches at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a regular columnist for the Haaretz op-ed pages and has contributed also to the New York Times, the New Republic, and various European newspapers.
For many years he presented television and radio shows for the Israeli Broadcasting Authority and for the IDF radio, Galey Zahal. His bestselling novel Allenby St. was adapted to a major prime time drama of the same name. He was also a head screenwriter and co-director of the hit primetime TV drama for Reshet 13, Harem (now available on Amazon Prime).

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