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How Terrorist Groups Use Espionage to Recruit, Plan and Conduct Attacks

A deep dive into how organized terrorist groups apply tradecraft and create, develop, and maintain compartmentalized units in support of their mission. Also discussed are the counter-terrorism methods deployed to disrupt terrorist groups.

Propaganda and Disinformation

An easy to comprehend presentation of how propaganda and disinformation are constructed and deployed to influence a target population toward a particular belief or action. Analyzed are the various types of propaganda - positive, negative, neutral, and how they are used for a whole host of purposes. Government and private sector applications will be discussed in depth.

How To Get People to Spy For You

A creative approach to the methodologies of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and how it exists within the Intelligence Cycle. Examples of various collection methods will be analyzed as well as the application of HUMINT in the private sector.

Greg Schneider

Security Consultant

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Greg Schneider, CPP, is President of Battle Tested Solutions LLC, a San Francisco Bay Area-based security consultancy and training firm which delivers security management solutions, intelligence program development, and tactical response training to a domestic and global clientele. Greg brings over 25 years of experience in military, security, and sensitive operations and projects garnered from government and private sector service in Israel and the United States. Mr. Schneider frequently lectures at international security conferences and has been published in numerous security and tactical training journals.

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