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The “Proactive Security Model”. What is it and why is it critical to keeping your organization safe?

In this presentation we introduce the proactive security approach which is a comprehensive and
methodological approach to security. This approach prioritizes strategy and the integration of the
physical, technological and human factor elements involved with security. This approach enhances
prevention and enables organizations to be one step ahead of the potential problems that may occur
while protecting their valued assets and people.

Creativity, Detail and Hutzpah in security planning and operations

This presentation explores the Proactive Security approach to planning and executing a successful
security operation. It all starts with a comprehensive security assessment that analyzes the current
security situation of an organization vis-à-vis the adversarial possible courses of action. This is then
translated into an operational master plan that considers the physical, technological and human factor
elements related to security and offers creative improvements and procedures for both routine and
emergency operations.

“Classroom Defense Strategies for Teachers” – a presentation that can save lives

This workshop was created as a response to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting attack.
We understood that most campuses in the US lacked a proactive security strategy, had no secure
perimeters, effective access control and relevant procedures. This allowed an attacker to enter the
classroom halls almost undisturbed. We created this course to empower the teachers at the classroom
level and provide them with creative tactical solutions to increase their chances of survival and
protecting their students. The CDST workshop series was widely covered by the media and thousands of
teachers were empowered with this knowledge. Soon thereafter churches, synagogues and corporate
offices across the US started taking this course to keep their staff and members safe too.

Joe Gehr

Proactive Security Specialist

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English, Spanish, Hebrew

Joe Gehr, the founder of Technon LLC, is a recognized professional in the fields of security, risk mitigation, and prevention. Joe’s 25-year experience in these fields includes a decade of security work in Israel – where he is a veteran of the Israeli security establishment and an officer with the Israel Defense Forces. He is an experienced international consultant providing security, intelligence, and counter-terrorism advisory services to governments, organizations, and corporations. Joe has been a guest commentator on security, protection and terrorism topics for news organizations such as CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO, RTL,
CARACOL, and others.

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