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"Women Act"

The contribution of women in the world of covert operations, and their presence in the public and business world.
Talking about: Initiative | Gender | Hypocrisy | Equality
This lecture presents the integration and operational contribution of women within intelligence units and deals with concepts such as gender and equality.

The business adversary perspective and its capabilities

From undercover agents to sales agents. From secret service to customer service
Operations and intelligence gathering as a basis.
For the development and learning processes within the business world, visual, behavioural and psychological aspects.
Marketing | sales | Service | Creative thinking | Decision Making
This lecture presents and analyses professional values of intelligence gathering and covert operations such as research, information, creative thinking, self-confidence, initiative and their Importance within the business world.

"UNDERCOVER" - The story of my covert life

Modesty | Cover Story | Routine of "Lying" | Self Confidence
The lecture recounts my personal journey after two decades of service in intelligence and operational units, during which I adopted a life undercover.

Liran Segal

The Street Cat

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

For two decades I served within the homeland security forces.
I was involved in intelligence gathering and covert operations. I collaborated with individuals, both in their presence and with their assistance. I utilized emotional intelligence tools and sharpened my personal skills in creative thinking, decision-making, body-language, self-esteem and self-confidence.
I used these skills despite of being completely out of my comfort zone, in an everchanging environment full of uncertainty.
I currently specialize in the covert aspect, emphasizing the human element and the enhancement of personal, social and professional skills, catering to both the corporate sector and private clientele as well as the development of intelligence gathering, covert security skills and the protection of the privacy of people, companies.

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