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Peacekeeping on Israel's northern border

This lecture will cover the following topics:
- The strategic status of the conflict (main historical events, ongoing border issues).
- Sensitivity of the border ("every day-to-day tactical event can spark a war") - how to manage an extremely hostile environment.
- The importance and main challenges of liaison with the UN.

Reputation Risk Management (a comprehensive perspective - military and commercial aspects)

This lecture will cover the following topics:
- The importance of reputation & perception management
- Operating in the information sphere (players, efforts, tools)
- Is it possible to gain the upper hand?


International Security Leader

Location Mark



English, Dutch,Hebrew,

N.K. has 20+ years military, and private sector experience and dealt during his career with military diplomacy, conflict resolution as well as reputation risk management (mainly to establish legitimacy). He worked in high-pressured diplomatic, press-and public scrutiny environments to prevent serious conflict while managing significant challenges. The combination of his strategic - and field experience as well as his international and legal background provide him a firm grasp on the reputation risk landscape and legitimacy challenges.

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