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Alone in enemy territory

Before the platoon's APC explosion Ohad went down to check why the ADF got stuck, after the explosion he found himself alone, wounded, in the middle of Sajayea in Gaza Strip. In the lecture he tells the story of the battle, the composure, the pain, friends who have fallen and lessons he took for life.

Ohad Roisblat

"The more you give the more you get"

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English, hebrew

Ohad, captain (Ret.), born in 1992 in Kiryat Haim. He enlisted to Golani, after Officer's course he became a platoon commander, and then he commanded the scout's unit in Golani's 13th battalion.
During Operation Zuk Eitan, Ohad's led the Golani Brigade into Sajayea. During one of the difficult battles in Gaza, his APC was hit. Ohad was wounded and 7 of Ohad's soldiers were killed, one of whom was Oron Shaul.
Ohad underwent a rehabilitation period, returned to serve in the IDF. After a year, Ohad retired and began studying law and international relations, he currently works at a law firm in Tel Aviv.

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