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Identifying Liars

Perhaps the most major task of security forces in airports is to identify liars. Studies have found that the most commonly used method - focusing on facial and bodily expressions - is not efficient. This lecture will describe a much more reliable way to identify liars, which can also be useful in choosing a romantic partner and navigating ongoing relationships afterward. This lecture will explore the importance and possibility of increasing our abilities to identify liars.

Choosing a romantic partner

Our society is characterized by having an abundance of romantic options. What is unclear, however, is the best method of choosing our romantic partner. The lecture will examine the commonly used ways of doing so, while indicating the methods that may also provide the best results in the long-term. The main theme of this lecture: We can significantly improve our success of choosing a suitable romantic partner.

Monogamy, polyamory and open marriages

Loving several romantic partners at the same time seems a contradiction in terms. However, the phenomena of polyamory (many lovers) and open marriages (many sexual partners) are becoming more common. Can we love two people at the same time?
This lecture will explore how several lovers at the same time are possible, but not suitable for everyone.

Professor Aaron Ben-Ze’ev

A researcher on love and emotions

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English, Hebrew

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Haifa, where he was President and Rector. Ben-Ze’ev is the founding, former President of the European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions. Major books include: The Subtlety of Emotions (MIT, 2000), Love Online (Cambridge, 2004), In The Name of Love (Oxford, 2008); The Arc of Love (University of Chicago, 2019). Ben-Ze’ev is a leading philosopher in the study of emotions and love and a popular lecturer. His blog on love in Psychology Today receives approximately 500,000 views across a three-month period. He has made many media appearances and was a consultant on the popular TV show, “Married at First Sight.”

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