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Human and women's rights in Egypt – going down

Egypt, one of the prominent Arab countries, underwent several upheavals since the Arab spring in 2011. After the Mubarak era ended, he was replaced by Morsi, the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood for a year. Since 2014 el-Sisi has been the serving president, but the human-rights situation is the worst it has been in 30 years.
The situation for women is particularly poor. More than 90% of women are circumcised, 99% sexually harassed, many women are forced to marry young and abortions are forbidden.
Human-rights organizations and oppositionists can't operate freely and are hunted. The LGBT community is simply not safe in Egypt. Gays and transsexuals are persecuted and imprisoned for “immorality.”

Yazidi children in pre-ISIS era (Iraq) – fears and challenges

During the genocidal ISIS reign of terror in Iraq, the organization slaughtered thousands of Yazidis. After the defeat of ISIS, many Yazidis were left without shelter. They had to rebuild their lives in camps in poor conditions - a lack of food and clothes. The world and international organizations don't seem to care enough now ISIS isn't an imminent threat.
The children who were brainwashed and tortured by ISIS need to be rehabilitated. Can they become normal children again after all they've been through? Some have been trained to kill infidels. They're also in an identity crisis after leaving their religion, language and culture.

Being Uighur Muslims in China – the silent way for eradication

The Uighurs are a Muslim minority living in East Turkistan, China. They number some 10-20 million. They are persecuted by the Chinese government. The world keeps silent while hundreds of thousands are held in detention camps where they are "re-educated" and the children are taken.
China's official claim is that it is fighting terror, but the real purpose is probably taking over the territory which is oil rich.
There are many restrictions on the population – if a woman wears the hijab veil, it is removed, if you're under 18 or have a governmental, job you're not allowed to enter mosques and it's forbidden to fast on Ramadan.
None of the Muslim countries are helping, probably because they fear China would sever ties.

Ran Meir

Arab affairs analyst

Location Mark



English, Arabic. Hebrew

From 2013 until today, works as Arab Affairs Analyst at Clarion Project, a non-profit organization that promotes dialogue between the Arab and Muslim World and the West, and challenges extremism. The job included: Finding relevant materials in Arabic, building connections in the Arab world, running social media in Arabic, support to the US-based Clarion Intel Network, Assisting the film team.
Between 2008-2011 works as an Arabic teacher, Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Tel Aviv University.
2001-2011 MA+BA, Arabic Language and Literature Tel Aviv University

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