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Napoleon "The Warlord"

In this lecture Raphael analyzes and explains Napoleon's military doctrine which allowed him to defeat any enemy army without (almost) any loss for 20 years. All of Raphael's lectures, are accompanied by a rich presentation that includes animation, videos and music.

Napoleon's Spies

One of the secrets of Napoleon's success was in understanding the importance of intelligence. Raphael will tell how in Napoleon's time the modern conception of the secret police as we know it today was born. We will also hear the amazing story of Carl Schulmeister, the Emperor's 'James Bond' and of Vidocq, the criminal who became a senior police chief.

Napoleon's naval battles

It is commonly accepted that commanding and understanding the Navy was Napoleon's military weak link, really ? As a sailor Raphael will analyze Napoleon's surprising attitude towards the Navy and explain his strange (to say the least) maritime strategy. Raphael will also explain in detail the mighty naval battles at Trafalgar and Abukir.

Raphael Rosenbaum

Sailing Instructor, Tourist Guide and Researcher of the Napoleonic Era

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English, French, Hebrew

Raphael was born in France and immigrated to Israel in 1975.He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and statistics and a master's degree in business administration. Raphael is a sailing instructor for skippers in Israel and around the world , teaching theoretical and practical seamanship as a preparation for sailing licenses. Raphael specializes and lectures on ancient and modern navigation methods.
For the past 20 years, Raphael has been investigating the Napoleonic Era and he is lecturing on the subject from various angles: Napoleon the Warlord, Napoleon and his women and more. Raphael's interest in Napoleon's personality begun when he discovered his complex attitude and contribution to the Jewish people in Europe.

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