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Re-inventing yourself

The battle in Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield with the awful result, 13 members of Reuven's platoon were killed, the choice of the sport of rowing, the sport of the disabled and the appreciation to which the athletes are entitled.

Reuven Magnagy

Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise

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English, Hebrew

Reuven, born in 1972, born and raised in Bnei Brak. He is married to Lilach and a father of five sons.
Reuven was wounded in 2002 during Operation Defensive shield in Jenin.
Of the 14 soldiers from his platoon who entered a body-trapped building in the Jenin refugee camp to purge him of terrorists, he was the only one who survived.
Two years after his injury, he rethought his path, chose to change direction in his career. He stopped working as an industrial and management engineer, and found himself engaged in a sport known as rowing.
He won first place in the Israeli championship. He went on to represent Israel in the Paralympic Games in London, Beijing and Rio. Reuven won a silver medal in the 2013 World Championship in England.
Reuven works as Metal sports coach and manager of Israel's paralympuic national rowing team.

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