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The Cold War in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia: Tribal Monarchy to Regional Power

The peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Shaul Yanai, Ph.D.

Specialist of the Persian Gulf States.

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English, Arabic, Hebrew

Dr. Shaul Yanai is specialist of the Persian Gulf States.
Dr. Yanai is the author of the book: The Political Transformation of Gulf Tribal States: Elitism and the Social Contract in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Dubai, 1918–1970s. University of Sussex press, 2015.
Lecturer of the History and Economics of the Persian Gulf States in Haifa and Hebrew Universities. Co-Founder of the Forum for Regional Thinking, a Think-Tank for Middle East. Former Adviser for the Ministers of Science and Technologies. Appeared on various media channels in Israel and worldwide as Persian Gulf specialist.

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