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Criminology & Technology – Investigations in the social media era.

Ben Baruch speaks about the different branches of criminology & victimology.
In the social media era, we are dealing with a new crime habitat, forcing us to be creative and agile.

Youth at risk

Creative ways of identifying at-risk youth. Art, paintings, essays, and songwriting are eligible, to name a few. Ben Baruch speaks about different ethical and legal issues, about violence, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, and online shaming.

Female brain & Male brain, Truth or Myth?

The legal and social development of the status of women, rape culture, violent romance, red lights in every relationship, are men and women that different?

Suzy Ben Baruch, PhD

Colonel Res. Israeli police. Head of youth Crime Dep.

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English, Hebrew

Lectures in the fields of criminology - adolescence, crime, and violence.
Retired 8 years ago from the Israeli police after 35 years of service, where she was stationed as an officer in the investigation and intelligence division, and promoted to the rank of Colonel when she was appointed Head of Youth Crime department. Between 2007-2011 she was a faculty member at INDU.
She implemented the Convention (law amendment) on the Rights of children in the criminal process in the Israeli police. Graduated a Bachelor's degree in Special Education, received a Teaching Certificate in Education, a Master's degree in Political Science - Public Management, and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science.

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