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What’s up in Iran

Through a survey of 2-3 hot topics in Iranian current affairs, we reach the depths of current social, cultural, political and other trends in present-day Iran. The topics change weekly.


In May 2015, I got some spear-phishing email messages from Iranian sources, who tried to gain entry to my email and social media accounts. This was the beginning of an intriguing game of minds between me and the IRGC. Or so I thought. The game actually started two weeks before, and I was losing…

The Iranian woman

Is it by chance that Iran’s only Nobel Prize laureate is a woman? Is it by coincidence that Iran’s only Fields Medal (“Nobel Prize” of mathematics) winner is a woman? Is it out of the blue that the most persistent, courageous, and conspicuous protest in Iran is the women’s Hejab protest? Of course not. The lecture talks about Iranian women’s struggles and victories, rights, and deprivations - and in the end, you can even take a picture with Hejab.

Thamar E. Gindin, PhD

Building Bridges between Israel and Iran

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English, Persian, Hebrew

Thamar E. Gindin is Israel’s first cultural attache in Free Iran. Until Iran is free, she builds bridges between the Israeli and Iranian nations, opening eyes on both sides to see the other side is human, just like us. She has authored three books in Hebrew and three books in English, taught Persian language and other Iran-related courses in most Israeli universities and other venues, took part in parliamentary-committee discussions, runs a (mostly Hebrew) podcast called Enriched Iranium, and lectures and appears in media outlets in Hebrew, English, and Persian.
In 2015 she was targeted and hacked by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for her bridge-building activities.

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