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Radical Islam and Suicide Terrorism

Historical background on Islam, the ideology and motives of suicide bombers worldwide and how ideology is integrated into the religion of Islam.

Handling sources in radical Islamic organizations

Yoel Sharon served for many years as an intelligence officer in the ISA (SHABAK). During these years, his activities focused on intercepting Islamic terrorist attacks in the West Bank and within Israel. In addition, Yoel participated in the interrogation of some of the terrorists who were stopped on their way to carry out suicide bombings.

The terrorist attack in Nahariya in 1979, the Haran family, from a personal point of view

About six months prior to his release, Yoel participated in the fighting against the terrorists who carried out the attack in Nahariya and also participated in the capture of Samir Kunter, who was the commander of the terrorist cell and was later released in a prisoner exchange deal with Hezbollah.

Yoel Sharon

A specialist on radical Islam and terrorism

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English, French, Arabic, Hebrew

A former ISA member, who has served about 30 years in intelligence and security positions with vast experience in the war on terror, has served as an operative of agents in extremist Islamic terrorist organizations. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in administration and security. He is currently planning complex international security projects and is a lecturer on radical Islam and terrorism. He did his military service as a soldier and commander in the Special Forces unit of Golani troops.

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