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Interview with Avner Avraham - Mossad in Film and on TV | FILMOVI & SERIJE

A former Mossad agent Avner Avraham is a renowned expert on Mossad operations who famously worked to reveal and publicise the insider story of the historic 1960 capture of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. While working as a Mossad agent, Avraham discovered the original documents surrounding Eichmann's capture and trial, and, moved to share his findings with a wider audience, curated the world-famous and headline-making museum exhibit "Operation Finale: The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann" and produced an accompanying documentary. With the story now the subject of a major motion picture -- MGM's "Operation Finale" starring Oscar Isaac and Ben Kingsley, for which Avraham served as a key consultant, he is in demand for his fascinating insights into this rich chapter of Jewish history and engaging anecdotes on his time as real-life spy. Mr. Avraham is a founder of Spy Legends, ​speaker agency specialising in espionage, intelligence, security, and mystery lectures.​ Jelena Đurović is a journalist, writer, film critic and activist, former Vice President and founding member of the Jewish Community in Montenegro. Last year Jelena became chairwoman of the first non-governmental organisation for Jewish cooperation in the Balkans, OJC-SEE​ Jelena is based in Belgrade, Serbia. Her first script for the documentary "Kaddish For Lotika“ is in production. Sometimes she writes blogs for The Times of Israel

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