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I was the adviser to the Kurdish rebels in Iraq

In Kurdistan he is a national hero. The autonomous Kurdistan President today, Massoud Barzani, was his lieutenant colonel in the Battle of the Nedren. The Kurdish government maintains contact with him through a senior Hebrew-speaking Jew. Meet the retired Brigadier General, Zuri Sheinkin-Sagi.

Zuri Sagi

Brig. General (Res.)

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English, Arabic, Hebrew

Zuri Sagi (Sheinkin) (born 1934) is a retired IDF officer with the rank of brigadier general, who served as commander of the 317th Brigade, reserve paratroopers' brigade, and as commander of the entire region. Were a key factor in the establishment of Kurdish autonomy in the 1960s, and in its effective confrontation with the Iraqi army in the 1970s.

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