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Hybrid Manager –lessons learned from the cockpit to the boardroom

The lecture deals with stories and dilemmas in the aerial arena. Analyze the problems, solutions and how can we learn from that to current world of management.

Airplanes Birds and what's between them

The lecture discuss aviation, birds migration in Israel, research bird migration and the related issues between birds and airplanes in the civilian and military aviation in Israel.

My Story with Israel History. It’s my story- but it’s everyone’s story

The lecture travel in time and geography in the history of the Zionist movement and the state of Israel along the story of me and my family.
In the presentation I combine short video clips that I took during my flight al over Israel

Alon Moller

Helicopter pilot and tourist guide for executives

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Alon, served as a helicopter pilot in the IAF more than 30 years. In Israel he is the only certified tour guide who is also civilian helicopter pilot.
In his last IDF position, he managed and coordinated the external relations and the operational aspects between the IDF and the US military. Prior to that, he served as the Air Force attaché in Ankara, Turkey, and served in various command positions in the Israeli Air Force.
Alon combines in his work his love for Israel, its landscapes, and people, together with his rich experience and high abilities in planning and realizing executives' visits related to the business and technological world.

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