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“Operation Thunderbolt – the 1976 Entebbe Raid”

Delivering intelligence for commando raid hostage rescue operation including air & ground coverage.

8200 unit

History of the 8200 airborne intelligence unit.


Attack and Counter attack: Israel-Iran Cyber Operations, May 2020 events.

Ami. R. Elazari

Lot. Col. (Ret.), Intelligence Officer, 8200 IDF Unit

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English, Hebrew

Lt. Colonel. (Ret) Ami R. Elazari is a former Intelligence Officer and the unit commander within 8200 IDF Units. He is the founder & first commander of the Intelligence Air Borne unit of 8200, actively participating in multiple long-range special operations for the Israeli military, such as the 1976 “Operation Entebbe” hostage rescue operation. He is a strategic security analyst, author & researcher with more than 140 international papers. In the private sector, Ami is the founder, chairmen & CEO of Amitec Information Industries strategic consulting business as well as Millennium Solar, an alternative energy company focusing on innovative photovoltaic technologies.

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