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'Krav Maga Maor' method

The Krav Maga Maor (KAMAM) method was born out of the real need of dozens of combat soldiers in the Israeli security forces, who not infrequently found themselves in life and death situations of hand-to-hand combat. For over ten years, I have been teaching military contact fighting (krav maga) based on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) method and additional ideas developed through fighting experience in the field.

Self Defense

The course was constructed, from the start, so that any person – man, woman or child – who wishes to learn how to defend himself,
can learn to do so without any basic knowledge, and without having to delve deep into a martial art that requires extensive time to learn and practice.
Any person can learn the fundamentals of self-defense, relatively fast, through the theory of Krav Maga Maor,
which includes defense techniques against attackers using a knife or stick; releases from a shirt, hair, and hand grabs and from the various hug hold.
This is successfully achieved by means of special short courses, seminars, and weekends, both for civilian participants and for police and army security personnel.

Security Escort Course

Non-state and state public figures are under physical threat and at risk of physical injury, abduction, murder, settling of accounts, blackmail, and acts of terror.
The Security Escort Course provides security escorts with professional tools that enable them to deal with the multitude of risks. The course aims at imparting practical and theoretical knowledge for the execution of security assignments at a high professional level.

Amnon Maor

Self Defense Center

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English, Hebrew

Amnon Maor was born in 1959 in Israel. He served his military service in one of the IDF elite units.
Training: Sniper Course. Peaceful penetration and raiding. Anti-terrorism and infantry courses.
Professional studies: Wingate karate instructor’s course, Judo, and Krav Maga.
Teaching at the Wingate Institute: Leader of the instructor’s course for fighters to security personnel.
Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Chairman of Israel’s self-defense center teaching in Israel and abroad. Developer of the Seven level System, for Krav Maga.
Project Director of the Israel Police on demonstrations management.
Currently teaches and trains the elite units of the Israel Police and IDF.

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