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Golda Meir ~ True Grit

“Decisions become destiny” is the North Star theme of Golda Meir’s life. As a child prodigy in principles, Golda grows up in the Midwest challenging any pressure to conform. Running away from home, leading protest parades and making soapbox speeches are all decisions that prepare Golda to leave American comforts behind and build for her people a place where Jews can live under the protection of their own country. Golda's decisions will lead to her destiny of becoming Prime Minister of Israel.
Ann Atkins reveals to her audience the heartbeat behind Golda’s words:
“Only those who dare, who have the courage to dream, can really accomplish something.”

Ann Atkins


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For visionary people who pursue their destiny, Ann Atkins portrays the noble side of history, giving her audience encouragement for their own journey.
Ann’s books have reached international shores and her presentations include: the National Press Club, International Women’s Day in Washington DC, civic groups, and universities. Ann has lived and worked in Korea, England, and Germany. Her master’s degree from Boston University encompasses studies at the University of Cambridge. Ann’s biography series covers: Golda Meir ~ True Grit, Eleanor Roosevelt ~ Unleashed, and Marie Curie ~ A Nobel Life. Ann lives in northern California and is currently working on a book, “Making Life Meaningful”.

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