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Operation Finale: the capture of Adolf Eichmann (Argentina, 1960)

The Eichmann capture and smuggling operation from Argentina to Israel in 1960.
The real story behind the operation, 'behind-the-scenes' of the Hollywood film, and also about the challenge of teaching the Holocaust to the future generation.

Operation Entebbe: successful counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission (1976)

The famous commando operation to release the hostages in Entebbe, 1976, and the Mossad's special part in the operation.

Operation Moses: Rescue and smuggling of Ethiopian Jews to Israel

Smuggling Ethiopian Jews and bringing them to Israel in various and creative ways through Sudan.

Avner Avraham

Former Mossad officer

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

As former Mossad officer, Avner is a renowned expert on Mossad operations who famously worked to reveal and publicize the insider story of the historic 1960 capture of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. Avner is in demand for his fascinating insights into this rich chapter of Jewish history and Mossad legacy.
Avner's expertise in the area of Israeli spy exhibitions, together with his life experience, made him a world-renowned expert in Mossad operations exhibits and movies such as "Operation Finale", "Operation Entebbe" and more.
He is the founder of Spy Legends Agency.

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