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"A personal story about a daring escape from Iran to Israel"

The lecture focuses on the immigration of Iranian Jews to Israel through the Pakistani desert in the 1980s. It narrates a perilous journey fraught with numerous twists and turns along the way) derived from a personal narrative.

"Islamic ideology regarding the State of Israel"

The lecture addresses the worldview of Islamic ideology regarding the State of Israel and its evolution over the years.

Avraham Cohen, PhD.

Prisoner of Zion from Iran

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English, Hebrew, Rersian

Dr. Avraham Cohen, born in Tehran's Muslim neighborhood, immersed himself in Islamic ideology from childhood to university within Iranian Revolutionary Guards institutions. In 1987, at 20, he attempted illegal immigration to Israel but was apprehended by Revolutionary Guards at the border. He endured about 4 challenging months in a secure Iranian facility. Post-release, courageously, he tried to escape to Israel again, traversing the desert on foot and camelback to Pakistan. Successfully arriving in Israel in 1988, he was declared a Prisoner of Zion by the Jewish Agency.
Dr. Cohen vividly recounts his harrowing Iranian prison experiences and the incredible journey to Israel in his lectures.

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