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The Muslim Spy who Became a Jew

Avraham Sinai was a Hezbollah informant who risked his life for Israel

Lebanon - past, present and future

Hezbollah - an enemy from home

Avraham Sinai

Former member of Hezbollah

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Arabic, Hebrew

Avraham Sinai (born 1962) is a Lebanese former Shia Muslim who converted to Judaism. He is a former member of Hezbollah. Originally named Ibrahim Yassin (Arabic: إبراهيم ياسين‎), he spied for Israel before moving there. In 1997, Sinai fled Lebanon and exiled to Safed with his wife and seven children. After attending synagogue services on Yom Kippur in 2000, he decided to become a Jew. After years of study, he was converted by Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, chief rabbi of Safed.
Sinai is the author of A Martyr from Lebanon: Life in the Shadow of Danger, which describes some of his experiences

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