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Life is people

A fascinating journey into the secrets of recruitment and operations through the world of espionage and the implementation of these tools into the business world, sales and marketing, HR, and Motivating colleagues to action.

'A story', that's the whole story!

There is no meeting that is accidental, each meeting must write its own story, decide who will be the hero, bring the other side closer, and include him in the story. How to use a story to bring people together, the difference between a motive and a motivation and how we translate all of these into our world.

Connection and collaboration workshop

To succeed in a complex recruitment and special ops mission, you must gather a team that knows each other, trusts each other, and knows how to cooperate under conditions of uncertainty.
A fascinating field exercise that takes tools from the espionage world and assimilates and practices them in teams.
The exercises are usually held in a crowded market/shopping center. The exercises are designed for team building and getting to know each other better. Also, for sharpening the interpersonal skills of each one • The participants go on tasks of graded difficulty that stimulate the intellect and include sharpening and touching the edges of interpersonal contact with the environment.

Barak Jacobs

Location Mark



English, Arabic, Hebrew

Lieutenant Colonel (Res.).
For almost 20 years, during my active service in the Israeli intelligence forces, I was involved on a daily basis in the recruitment, activation and motivation of agents/sources (human sources - Humint), both as an officer in the field and as a commander. Over the years, I also had the privilege of commanding the 'Humint' school, which trains new operators/case officers, and leads advanced courses for experienced officers - commanders.
currently I lecture and conduct unique field exercises that demonstrate what I have learned in operating spies and training operators, and how it is reflected in the personal and business reality of all of us.

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