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The art of utilizing the resources of uncertainty and chaos

At the age of 6, my father's car drove away from the gate of the American school in Chile. I was left alone in a totalitarian country under the rule of the dictator Pinochet and a curfew was imposed at 6 pm the evening. I was thousands of miles away from my mother, my family, and my friends who remained far away in Jerusalem. No one came to pick me up and I didn't know anyone. The French, Italian, and Hebrew I knew didn't help at all in a place where everyone spoke English and Spanish. I felt completely lost, in fact, I was terrified. I will never forget that moment!
From that moment on, a transformative process took place for me. Instead of breaking down, qualities sprouted and developed in me that made me adaptable - super. These qualities would bring me to senior positions in the security establishment, in business, and in establishing a giant social movement.
In this lecture, I will teach you the principles that I developed from my experience in a chaotic environment, principles that will work for any person who dares to adopt them and use them to achieve their most ambitious goals.

The Power of Charisma

At the British High School in Rome, as a brigadier general in the IDF, as the CEO of a successful startup, and as the founder of the mega-movement IDSF Habithonistim - during his life, Amir Avivi has led thousands of people. Many of them were more mature than him, more professional than him, higher in rank than him, or more experienced than him in their field. What then is the elusive characteristic of charisma that enabled him to unite individuals to act persistently and cooperatively to achieve a common goal?
Charisma is perhaps the most powerful trait among the traits that characterize a human being. It has the power to raise leaders, lead commercial companies to huge successes, and even motivate entire nations to direct the course of history. Since the days of the ancient Greeks who gave this phenomenon its name, the human race has been wondering and trying to crack the secret of those who are endowed with it and possess its superpower.
In the lecture, a number of issues from Avivi's personal experience will be reviewed, concerning the characteristics of charisma and the ways to acquire it and use it to achieve goals.

From 1 to 12,000 in two years

In 2020, Amir Avivi had the vision to change how people viewed Israel's national security. By 2022 there were already 12,000 active partners in that vision. Generals, commanders in the Mossad, police superintendents and officers, and other senior officers are active within the movement, founded by Brigadier General (Res.) Amir Avivi. In a short time, the movement has gained enormous political and media influence, maintaining a research department with dozens of researchers, whose members appear in hundreds of high schools and military preparatory schools, and whose spokespeople are interviewed daily by over ten different media outlets in a variety of languages. The lecture will cover 5 core issues concerning the process of establishing the movement from the moment the idea was formed until it became a mega-organization.

Brigadier General (ret.) Amir Avivi

Founder and CEO of IDSF (Israel's Defense and Security Forum

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English, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew

Amir was born in Jerusalem but spent most of his childhood abroad with his father who was an ambassador of Israel. He began his service in the IDF as a lone soldier and rose to the rank of general and comptroller of the defense system. He led a battalion of 800 soldiers in Gaza during the Homat Magen campaign and served as assistant to the IDF Chief of Staff, Commander of Brigade 512, Deputy Commander of the Gaza Division, and Commander of the School of Military Engineering.
Amir founded a start-up company and established IDSF Habithonistim, the most influential movement in Israel in all matters related to national security.

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