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NATO - the world's largest military alliance. Is it still relevant, and can perform his role in safeguarding the free world?

The North Atlantic Treaty, once and still the greatest military alliance ever formed, was meant to be the primary force to repel the soviet countries in a bi-polar world. By the end of the cold war, when the Russian threat was no longer around the corner, and the United States and its western allies became the supreme forces in the globe - the organization began questioning its goals . In this lecture, we will understand the reasons for NATO’s establishment, and follow the transformation it went after the dissolution of the Communist bloc. We will discuss what new roles NATO assumed on itself, by inviting Russia and former countries of the eastern block to become members. What are the aims of the organization today, what its challenges are, and what special relationship it holds with Israel?

Social Question in the Israeli Defense Forces

The IDF is referred to in Israel as “The People’s Army”. By having all Israel’s teenagers enlist at the age of 18 for compulsory service the IDF has taken upon itself to become the “melting pot” of Israel’s society.
Since its inception, the IDF was first to tackle the pressing tensions in the Israeli society and sometimes had to create precedents that were later adopted by the Israeli government. In this lecture, we will explore how the IDF dealt (and is still dealing) with women's inequality, mutual service of secular and religious soldiers, and objections to serving on the basis of conscience.

Why is it so difficult to explain the Israeli narrative

One of the prominent fronts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the battle for public opinion and international legitimacy. Israel - believing in its righteousness - invests large efforts to defend its narrative against an efficient propaganda industry to win the public’s sympathy. In this lecture, we will understand together the problems Israel faces in justifying its cause, both domestic and foreign. Using my experience in the diplomatic arena during times of crisis between the Israelis and the Palestinians to further analyze, explain and demonstrate those difficulties.

Col. (Res.) Hanny Caspi

International relations

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Hanny served in the IDF for 27 years. In her military career, Hanny Caspi acted as Defense Attaché to The Netherlands Belgium and Luxembourg, and the IDF’s representative to NATO.
She represented Israel in times of tensions, like Cast Lead operation in Gaza, the Marmara flotilla, in front of diplomatic representative, and the biggest military alliance in the world (NATO).
Among her devoted audience are retired US generals, the Baptist University in Texas, leaders of Jewish communities in South Africa and Australia, and more. She brings her unique experience in international relations and legal activity to explain Israel’s unique narrative and its strategic situation.

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