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A diplomat at the heart of the revolution

In 2011, as part of the Arab Spring, a military coup broke out in Egypt. For several weeks, Egypt was churned and burned until the fall of President Mubarak's regime and the rise of a military regime under General Tantawi. These dramatic events put the Israeli embassy personal in Cairo under siege. The diplomatic team, which was accustomed to a high level of constant threat, was caught in the most complex and unusual events and has to face it on a daily basis for several months until the evacuation of all the Israeli diplomats from Egypt.
Taking responsibility and decision-making, functioning under pressure, managing staff in a crisis situation and managing emergencies are just some of the complex stories to which people from the community and professionals alike will be captivated.

Decision-making in crisis conditions

Decision making is a particularly complex thing combined with an element of stress.
In this lecture, Dadi brings his vast experience from field and HQ operations and will significantly improve the ability to make decisions in the future and act better in front of your environment in emergencies and stress.

Dadi Hanoch

Home Land Security expert

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

A Home Land Security expert with over 20 years of experience ranging from dignitary protection to aviation and diplomatic security. Started his career as a special agent in the Israeli dignitary protection unit and moved on to operational and management positions some of which included the protection of several Israeli prime ministers and foreign dignitaries visiting Israel. After serving as Chief Instructor of the Israeli Dignitary Protection Unit, Dadi was posted overseas as the Security Manager of Israel's Diplomatic Mission and Aviation in Cairo, Egypt, and as the Security Manager of Israel Aviation in the US West coast.
Born in Israel, and served in the I.D.F in a Counter-Terrorism unit.

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