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"Jewish spies in Arab countries"

A woman in a mask for the country. The story of Shlomit Cohen Kishk, my grandmother's family member, she and others.

"Jewish movie heroes and heroines in Islamic countries"

Gal Gadot, Cleopatra and Jewish art in film and television in the Muslim space.

"The Glory of Art in Jewish Art in the Muslim world"

A tefillin and tallit bag from all over Morocco made of gold thread, a gold bracelet from Tunisia, a crescent on a menorah from Algeria - who created these unique and other items? What was the basis of these works? And how do these contribute to our understanding of historical processes, shed light on Jewish creation in the Muslim world?

Dana Avrish

Multi-disciplinary artist, designer, curator, researcher

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English, Hebrew, French

Multi-disciplinary artist, curator, researcher, and frequent academic and media lecturer who specializes in the history of Jews from Islamic countries. Avrish leads her own global design firm and is currently pursuing her PhD in Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University. Bachelor of Design in Interior Design and master’s degree (MA) in diplomacy from Tel Aviv University
Descendant of Jews of Lebanon, Syria and Iran, was crowned Israel’s Teen-Queen in the Miss Israel contest; and was the second runner-up among 52 countries in the Miss Europe competition
Avrish's experience working on major international projects has taken her to the United States, where she has set up a subsidiary of her design company.

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