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Georges Gutelman, the man behind the secret transportation of the Ethiopian Jews for the “Operation Moses” ( Mivtzah Moshe )

Georges GUTELMAN, a Jewish Holocaust survivor and owner of the Belgian airlines TEA flied
Daniel Gutelman is the youngest brother of Georges Gutelman who has been contacted by the Mossad to organize the secret transportation of thousands of Ethiopian Jews from Sudanese refugee’s camp to Israel. That was the start of the “Operation Moses”. Georges organized the secret transportation of about 8.000 Ethiopian Jews from Sudan to Israel.

Daniel Gutelman

Operation Moses

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Daniel worked always, since the very first day, with Georges and his wife Aline in the different airlines’ companies created by Georges, TEA – Trans European Airlines, EBA -EuroBelgian Airlines, Virgin Express, CityBird.
He started his career assisting the New York Office Manager of Georges’s Belgian first company named in French T.I.F.A. - Transport International et Freight Aérien (International Transport and Air- Freight), the mother company who gave birth to TEA.
Daniel came back to the Belgian base to manage an important specific department in each of the companies.
Daniel and his Israeli wife Esther made their “Aliyah”.

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